Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Man-made stone mesa difference with the granite

  • A, man-made stone mesa juncture, so not smooth inconspicuous is ugly and the juncture shelter evil people and practices. Brunet granite point in time is almost invisible, but in the light of granite mesa, juncture would obviously, similar case in ceramic tile juncture.

  • Man-made stone can cut into unique shape and radian, multifaceted edge shapes and tailor-made water, heat lagging, all sorts of color of man-made stone can with no trouble interaction with other material Mosaic, or cause outstanding mesa effect. Man-made stone with a diversity of colors and textures, for now the kitchen clean well-ventilated style, colour and design and color is reliable and unified.

  • Granite no man-made stone so good. Edge shapes are limited, and other material Mosaic will increase the ugly juncture. Granite mainly is dark color, the color of the goods, but few colors and textures and selected sample often is different.

  • Man-made stone used below the basin sink seamless and smooth appearance, combined with no juncture, no edge, and at the same time, arc and four of the water to clean the design, from the joint. Granite can also be used below the basin sink, but the stitching method of installation and easy to contain will leave space and are generally not dirt, water after the water there arc design, because there are at least a clear juncture.

  • Man-made stone strong and clear translucent, touch up smooth, like leather and wood, send out a warm feeling of attractive. Granite is smooth, but touch up cold and hard, like glass.

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