Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facts of granite

Granite introduction

Granite is a kind of lava volcano in the molten state is below pressure to uplift crystal surficial magma not spew and in the ground floor cooling behind solidification structure of rock formation, is a kind of deep into acid igneous rock, fit in to magmatic rocks.


The major chemical compositions of granite is SiO2 (SiO2 > 65), and other content is less (Fe2O3 FeO MgO, general, “CaO 2%, 3%).” Granite mostly for the mineral composition, main mineral silicate, feldspar and mica is quartz, quartz content to 20% ~ 40%. Because of granite silicon aluminium magnesium light mineral, iron, so its dark minerals mainly for light color, the color is dark minerals. The crystallization of mineral grain granite, and particle size, shape and like inlays are not the same organization, granular crystallization of minerals with regular or uneven pattern are interlaced interlock arrangement.

Granite classification:

Granite due to form complex components, so forming conditions of various varieties, the classification of a variety of ways.

According to contain mineral type points — into black granite, white mica granite, granite, mica granite, etc.

According to the structure — can be separated into fine grained granite, grain granite, coarse grained granite, erythema shape granite, like erythema shape granite, geode granite and slice shape granite, etc.; hemp

According to contain mineral points — vice tin can be divided into stone granite, niobium and beryllium ore granite granite, lithium mica granite, electrical stone granite, etc. Common YunYing paleokarstification, petrochemical, long since metamorphism electrical petrochemical corporation.

Granite features:

A fine grained granite, grain, coarse granular structure or structures, the erythema shape, small grains close clearances (porosity is generally 0.3% ~ 0.7%), bibulous rate is not high (bibulous rate is typically 0.15 ~ 0.46%), has the good frost-resistance ability. Granite high hardness and its MaShi hardness in June, its density in about 263 g/cm3 to 275 g/cm3 between the compressive strength, 300MPa in 100 -, fine grained granite can be as high as 300MPa above, flexural strength in 10 ~ 30Mpa. Granite rock strains, often with batholith rock, etc, and the output by regional tectonic control, the average size is larger, more extensive distribution, mining, easy to out, and its developing aniseed, regular shape of stone mining rules. Granite into drought rate is high, can make all kinds of processing, plate can spell. Also, don’t uses weathered granite outdoor decoration? Granite texture lines, color, although with uniform color is very rich, but also have red, white, yellow, green, purple, black, brown, blue cream-colored, etc, and its color, suitable for big changes in relatively large use.

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