Friday, March 25, 2011

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is one of the most luxurious construction materials. It gets its name from Carrara, Italy, the city in which this marble is most usually quarried. With its beautiful white or grayish-blue hue, Carrara is a highly attractive marble. Carrara marble, look likes all types of marble, it is a metamorphosed limestone. Marble starts its life under the Earth's surface as limestone. As the limestone is subjected to heat and pressure through millions of years, it recrystallizes into marble. Carrara marble. quarry in the Italian region of Carrara, this beautiful stone is used to make tiles, tabletops and countertops in homes around the earth. Carrara marble is becoming more and more popular in all-white kitchens. Carrara marble, like other marbles is absorbent. Because of its light color it is more probable to show stains than other marbles and stones. It also needs usual care in order to keep its beautiful surface. In addition, cleaning Carrara and other types of marble must be done correctly with a pH-balanced stone cleaner.

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