Thursday, April 14, 2011

Types of Glass Countertops

* Crystallized glass stone is a white glass that is manufactured below high temperatures in order to give it high density.

* Glass tiles are attractive tiles used for water and outdoor applications.

* Luminescent glass tiles are customizable by using a water jet as a cutting tool.

* Textured glass countertops are made from glass that has undergone acid treatment and/or sandblasting.

* Recycled glass countertops are made from broken glass pieces that are melted and fabricated with small pieces of broken glass or porcelain.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Glass kitchen Countertops
can give a kitchen that edgy, current modern look that so many people today are looking for. It is a tempered glass which is comparatively durable. It can endure a decent quantity of weight (300 lbs) but will break if heavy objects are dropped onto its' surface. Its color has a natural green color and can be modified using transparent colors or opaque colors coated onto the backside of its' surface. Glass kitchen countertops are available in a range of finishes and can be smooth, textured, etched, sandblasted, grooved or patterned.

Glass countertops are in trend... giving your kitchen that upscale look. Besides looking luxury, glass countertops are very realistic - the less porous glass makes them the most hygienic and the texture helps to hide scratches, finger prints and dust. Easy to clean and hard to brake tempered glass is a material of choice for today's many contemporary homes. Think Glass makes some unique glass counter tops for kitchen and bathroom.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is one of the most luxurious construction materials. It gets its name from Carrara, Italy, the city in which this marble is most usually quarried. With its beautiful white or grayish-blue hue, Carrara is a highly attractive marble. Carrara marble, look likes all types of marble, it is a metamorphosed limestone. Marble starts its life under the Earth's surface as limestone. As the limestone is subjected to heat and pressure through millions of years, it recrystallizes into marble. Carrara marble. quarry in the Italian region of Carrara, this beautiful stone is used to make tiles, tabletops and countertops in homes around the earth. Carrara marble is becoming more and more popular in all-white kitchens. Carrara marble, like other marbles is absorbent. Because of its light color it is more probable to show stains than other marbles and stones. It also needs usual care in order to keep its beautiful surface. In addition, cleaning Carrara and other types of marble must be done correctly with a pH-balanced stone cleaner.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Granite Countertops Colors


Brown, beige, and similar shades are the most common granite countertop colors. Because of their neutral tones, they mix together in with almost any type of kitchen, from classic themes to edgy, contemporary ones. They are a great choice if you like to redesign your kitchen, as they go well with any color.


Solid black is also called absolute black granite or an interesting pattern with little stones, crystals, or color striations. Black granite is less common than brown countertops, and thus more expensive, but other deep shades (like dark blue or dark green) make great alternatives.


Although less popular than brown, green granite is fairly affordable and adds natural color to any kitchen. It comes in various shades, from pale sea green to deep bottle green, and also a wide range of patterns.


It is one of the most expensive countertop materials, but a great choice if you want to spice up your kitchen décor. A red granite countertop against muted colors will be the focal point of any room, regardless of its size, shape and shade. It is seldom available in solid color, but there are lots of interesting patterns to choose from. Common color combinations are black, pearl, and brown.


Blue granite is becoming a favorite among designers and homeowners because of its versatility. It works well with practically any home décor – indoor plants, wooden cabinets, stone sinks, and glass dividers. Some of the most common shades are lavender blue, royal blue, and ice blue, sapphire blue. Lavender blue is a pale shade perfect for brightening up a small kitchen, while sapphire blue adds a splash of color to a neutral-toned room. Ice blue countertops look great with wood cabinets and shades of cream, beige, and yellow.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Types of Honed Granite Countertops

Honed granite countertops are becoming popular. This granite has a dull type finish instead of a shiny polished finish. Honed granite surfaces do show stains easier, though. Below, several types of honed granite materials are explained. Flamed Honed Granite Countertops A flamed finish is one created using a hot flame. Heat stresses the material and causes the crystals to pop out. A very rough texture is made during flaming. River Washed Honed Granite Countertops Before granite can be river washed, it goes during the process of being flamed. The river washing is done to smooth out the rough feel left from being flamed. The surface is smoothed out with no reflection. Honed Quartz Countertops Honed quartz countertops need more daily maintenance than the polished finished ones since there is more exposure. Finger prints, marks and other daily living signs will explain up on honed material. Soft Scrubs can be used to clean them. Black Absolute Honed Granite Black absolute honed granite countertops have a smooth non-reflective surface. It has a softer and warmer look than the polished black absolute granite. The honed is more absorbent so it is to be used in areas with less exposure to acids and other chemicals. Soft scrubs can be used to clean them also.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Honed Granite Countertops


Honed granite is a popular selection for countertops because of its beauty and versatility. There are varieties of colors and patterns are available in Honed Granite Countertops Whether for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and indoor or outdoor recreation areas. Because honed granite is a natural stone.


Honed granite's hardness makes it strong. In truth, diamonds are the only material stronger than granite. This makes honed granite countertops ultra-resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking or breaking.


Usually recognized to add more price to a home than laminate countertops, honed granite is a popular choice for upgrading the look of a room.


A honed granite countertop costs more than the same granite model with a high gloss finish due to the difference in the polishing process when it is compared to other countertop, Granite is more costly.


While granite in general is a low maintenance material, the same process that makes honed granite so beautiful can also cause it to need more care. Honing gives granite a degree of absorbency, making honed granite more vulnerable to staining, fingerprints and water marks.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corian Countertops Vs Granite Countertops


When it comes to fitting of corian countertops and granite countertops in kitchen, both are expensive. The prices vary yearly but we can still build a contrast. In 2009, the price of granite countertops for each square foot was US$ 50 to US$ 200 while corian countertops cost was between US$ 40 to US$ 100 for each square foot. So in view of the price, corian is a little less exclusive than granite.


Granite is stronger than corian. Since corian is made up of polyester or acrylic resin, it cracks easily. Granite is more resistant to crack. But granite once cracked is hard to repair and incurs substantial expenses. Though corians crack, they can be mended easily with very low investment cost. Granite is also more resistant to heat.


If you want a good-looking kitchen countertop with complicated designs, then granite should be your choice. Corian appears homogeneous and is not obtainable in dissimilar varieties like granite. If money is not a problem, then install colorful patterns of granite unreliable from piece to piece, as your kitchen countertop.


Cleaning both corian and granite is simple. You can use mild soap solution to clean the countertops to prevent accumulation of dirt and grime. You can also use vinegar or a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Resale Value

Granite has high re-saleability than corian. A slab of granite will give you back a high amount if you want to resale it. As compared to granite, return value of corian is little less, although corian has the greatest consumer name brand recognition.

Cost of Installation

The sealing charges of granite is more as compared to corian. Installation fees for corian is less as compared to granite. Since they tend to crack, they need to be replaced or repaired frequently.