Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Glass kitchen Countertops
can give a kitchen that edgy, current modern look that so many people today are looking for. It is a tempered glass which is comparatively durable. It can endure a decent quantity of weight (300 lbs) but will break if heavy objects are dropped onto its' surface. Its color has a natural green color and can be modified using transparent colors or opaque colors coated onto the backside of its' surface. Glass kitchen countertops are available in a range of finishes and can be smooth, textured, etched, sandblasted, grooved or patterned.

Glass countertops are in trend... giving your kitchen that upscale look. Besides looking luxury, glass countertops are very realistic - the less porous glass makes them the most hygienic and the texture helps to hide scratches, finger prints and dust. Easy to clean and hard to brake tempered glass is a material of choice for today's many contemporary homes. Think Glass makes some unique glass counter tops for kitchen and bathroom.

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