Thursday, August 26, 2010

Different utilizes of Granite

Granite slabs can be but to a whole lot of uses. In detail, interior designers are now advising granite slabs to areas apart from the kitchen.

The toughness and hardness of granite slabs make it a great choice for high traffic areas. It is for this reason that a lot of homeowners are choosing granite countertops for their kitchen. These countertops last for several years and when well cared for forever look fabulous.

Separately from its use in kitchen countertops, granite slabs are also used in bathroom countertops. In the bathroom, granite gives a costly, luxurious feel. It is often used to enclose Jacuzzi tubs or framed Roman tubs.

The natural water resistance of granite slabs makes it a clear choice for flooring in the bathroom and the kitchen. Granite is the best natural stone to use in large walk-in showers or steam showers, because of its usual water resistance. Many bathrooms are lined with granite slabs or made with tiles for an extremely elegant look.

Another place in the home where granite slabs make an enormous impression is in the fireplace. Hand polished or machine polished fire placed decorated with slabs or tiles create a magnificently cozy appearance.

The natural elegance and superior excellence of granite slabs makes it a magnificent choice in several parts of the home.

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