Friday, August 13, 2010

Caring for Marble

* Prevention – the cure to marble damage
* Taking just a few precautions with your marble will mitigate, and sometimes eliminate any problems whatsoever:
* Use honed marble on the floor – it is more resistant to scratches.
* Avoid using polished marble in high traffic areas
* Placing non-slip mats or rugs at the entrance minimizes soiling from dirt on shoes
* Wipe anything that spills on marble immediately
* Use coasters under glasses or bottles
* Use mats or trivets to place hot items on marble
* Follow a daily and periodic cleaning routine
* Use clean mops and brooms
* Old vacuum cleaners will scratch your marble – avoid using them
* Change mopping water frequently during cleaning
* Always rinse using clean, warm water
* Allow floors to dry before use
* Always follow the directions on your cleaner and avoid mixing chemicals unless specified
* Use abrasives (nutshells, feldspar or silica, quartz etc) on honed marble only, and never on polished surfaces. Abrasives can cause scratches
* Avoid using chemical cleaners, acids like vinegar and limejuice, grout cleaners, tub or tile cleaners on marble. They will etch or dull the stone
* Try not to use wax on marble, as it makes it slippery
* Inspect interior and exterior tiles regularly and correct flaws straightaway
* Never use a mixture of ammonia and bleach for removing stains. The resulting gas is toxic and lethal
* Do not use hot water to clean spilt milk or blood, as doing so makes the stain worse

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