Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Difference between artificial and natural stone tiles

The stones are important building for the home. Stones plays important role for both exterior and interior of the house. The stones are built for different purposes at home. Walls of the building that home decoration pieces, stones are used. The only difference is to use the type of stone. Stones vary in natural and artificial stones. Although the two each for the construction of the house are used.

Natural stone is a creation of natureSize or nature of the products. They are naturally created. Their texture color shines shape and size are all a gift of nature. To compare the beauty of natural stone, is impressive.

The artificial stones are Modena, Verona Rose, cup, whiteboard, ancient brick, brick-red hands. These were some of the artificial stone used for housing. Artificial stones are usually used for the exterior of the house such as walls,Sidewalks and lofts above. Although some artificial stones, which are processed and used as decorative elements in marble.

While natural stone has an aesthetic value of the house. Whether it's lush limestone polished granite rustic slate gray or brown sandstone beige exotic all natural stones create tranquil beauty at home. Beautiful marbleFloor in granite and marble bathrooms beige silver attracts thousands of people. Natural stones are naturally good.

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