Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marble Countertops Selection & Maintenance

Lifestyle is the initial thing for choose a marble countertops to your home. Matching marble countertops to color system is the primary nature for all, but you are considering your lifestyle to this time means it is the best one.

The maintenance of all marble countertops is not an easy one, some of the marble countertops are porous (porous means chip and stain easily). Unless you are clean your marble countertops continuously or regularly remain your kids for banging things on marble countertops.

You are considering very seriously before select your marble countertops for how you are interested to maintain your marble countertops. The final thing, you are spending more amount of money to your marble countertops means within less number of weeks or days it ends up staining.

• The first thing to maintain your marble countertops, ask your dealer for instructions and tips. He is having the details of how to sealing, polishing and how to clean the marble countertops.

• You are going to clean your marble countertops means use only warm and mild soapy water. You are use the cruel cleaning liquids means the soft minerals and surface will damage. Also, clean your marble countertops with vinegar and lemon juice.

• Do not drag any weighted things to the marble countertops surface, because countertop surface will crack or scratch. In addition, keep mind never cut anything to the surface directly, it also scratch your marble countertops.

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