Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marble Countertops Calculations (Weight & Thickness):

Weight :

The weight is calculated based on the size and thickness of the marble countertops. Large size marble countertops are having more weight compared with small size marble countertops. The advantage of small size marble countertops is installing easy compared with large size marble countertops.

Thickness :

The marble countertops thickness based on the size of every marble countertops piece. Normally big size marble countertops are thicker than small size marble countertops. Big size marble countertops having more strength and integrity.

How weight and thickness are determined :

Formative the size of marble countertops is an accurate science. The marble countertops is make light and thin means it is easily break up in less number of days compared to large and thick marble countertops and large one is more durable. However, the large and thick marble countertops are too expensive for average people compared to small marble countertops.

Many manufacturers and fabricators of marble countertops have skill and techniques of their stuff. Some formulas are used by these people for determine the dimensions of a piece for how strong it is and reasonable price. The weight and thickness differ from manufacturers, but the common rule of thumb is that every 32 square inches of countertops surface area, the extra inches of marble countertops thickness added to keep the structural balance.

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