Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to Clean Stains from Granite Countertops?

You get a stain for your granite countertops means need a fast action. In this situation, you will use the commercial cleaner otherwise, you will try any of the following solutions:

* Your granite countertops have a stain of grease means use water and liquid dish soup to mix a paste and apply this paste to your granite countertops next scrape the grease stain areas, if needed repeat the same.

* You are having stubborn stain for your granite countertops means simply mix the flour and two tablespoon of liquid dish soap, after that apply this paste to stain. Cover your granite countertops with plastic wrap and allow full night.

* The stains of organic (like coffee or fruit juice) in your granite countertops means use the simple way, mix a paste of 12% hydrogen peroxide and some drops of ammonia and apply it the granite countertops and blot dry.

* Granite countertops having the stains of wine, ink or a marker stain means the granite is dark use acetone or lacquer thinner, The granite is light means use hydrogen peroxide. After 30 minutes, clean the granite countertops.

* The granite countertops having organic stains means also use bleach and model plaster mix. Apply this mix after 30 minutes clean the granite countertops.

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