Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Options of Marble Countertop:

One of the best kitchen countertop materials is marble countertops. The marble countertops are available in many colors, designs, tile patterns and edge options.
Marble countertops design & colors:

Marble countertops are available in many designs and colors. The metamorphism of pure limestone called the pure white marble countertops. The high magnesium limestone or dolostone content that contain silica impurities is serpentine by the green color in green marble. In the use of heat and pressure, the above impurities re-crystallized from metamorphism; this process affects the marble countertops outcome of pattern and countertops color. The marble countertop of fossiliferous comes many colors for shades of grey, maroon, white and pink. Some of other marble countertops colors are as follows black, blue, green, yellow, and the marble countertops colors are depending on maker or manufacturer. You want your kitchen in livelier with Latin flair or an Italian means select the bright colors like green, yellow or red. Want your kitchen as professional look means select black or off-white beige.

Edge options of marble countertops:

The marble countertops are having more type of edges. The edge options based on the preferences and safety concerns. You choose the marble countertops edge as per your need and your preference. Some of the edge options of marble countertops are bevel, Bullnose, round and straight edge. The marble countertops edges are differ from the properties of angle, round, sharpness.

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