Thursday, July 29, 2010

Italian and Egyption Marble are Popular in India

Marble is running tendency in all over India, Upper middle class to high class looking for an imported marble. Egyptian and Italian, these two countries marble are mostly in demand. There are other countries marble also in good demand such as travertine from turkey, Black marquina from Spain, Light Emperador/Dark Emperador from Spain, classic beige etc.

Here we mainly have Italian Stone. Egyptian marble varieties like Omani marble, Galala, Golden Cream silvia, Sunny dark, zamzam, Khatmya, Samaha, Sunny light, Triesta, Fantastic Beige etc. Omani and Galala have huge demand in Indian market particularly in upper middle class and among the builders. People found it good stone in conditions of stability, & price.

Galala marble obtainable into beige color and one of the most famous and demanding marble in beige stones where as on the other hand Italian marble is prior choice of High class families because it represent luxuriousness. It initiates the different colored varieties like Black Portoro , Blue Argoshi , Botticino Royal , Botticino Classico , Perlato Royal , Perlato Sicillia , Navona Travertine , Dyna , Breccia Onicitta , Breccia Aurora , Bianco Statuario , Venatino marble,Golden Spider,William Grey,Grey Flurry,Noce Travertine,Velvet Beige etc.

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