Monday, July 26, 2010

Individuality of granite countertops

One of the most obvious choices for a kitchen countertop is granite slabs, because they can withstand the wear and tear of the most often used room in the house. Granite is a stone material that comes for the Earth, and has been around as long as any other kind of rock. Granite is formed when rivers of molten magma travel into cooler locations, after which the magma cools into a mixed-material slab.

Granite slabs can be found in many locations of the world, and people have been using it to make slab countertops for ages. Granite slabs can be found in shades of white, browns, red, green, blue and black, with all sorts of different swirls and designs that make each piece unique.

The most popular granite countertop shades are probably brown and beige tones, which work well with many kitchen colors and allow for many different redecorating ideas in the future. Black and blue granite slabs are increasingly popular, with darker woods becoming popular again in bathrooms and kitchens. Granite countertops also have patterns that can be both large and small, which may look better in different sized kitchens.

The granite slabs needs to be reserved at the time of decision, or they may not be available later. It’s impossible to find a specific match of a color found in a decorating magazine, since they are all unique. The uniqueness of granite countertops is one of the features that make them so appealing, though, because it makes each kitchen totally unique. In a land of rugged individuals, it is no surprise that a rugged and unique stone like granite would be the most popular choice in kitchen countertops.

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