Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marble countertops Tips

* Choose a broad marble countertop that gives better quality while opposing cracking when installing
* Take apart your entire kitchen by removing the dishwasher behind disconnecting all electrical and plumbing relations. Make sure to go the refrigerator and stove out of the way, too.
* Remove the old countertop by unscrewing it from the cupboard base. Remove the backsplash by down a putty knife after it gently tapping the paste to split it loose.
* Clean up all your mess preparing a ready place of work for the new marble countertop to be installed.
* Make certain the cabinets are all stage by adding shims where wanted.
* You may require moving furniture or other appliances in next-door rooms out of the way to let for easier access when transporting your new marble countertops into the kitchen for fitting.
* Complete the installation procedure by carefully cleaning any extreme glue that may be gone by the installer.

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