Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Cut Granite and Polish Granite??

The Greeks were the initial users to use stones to make houses/homes. The procedure of getting usual stone has not changed much as then. In current days too big blocks of stone are cut from the mines and then sold in thin pieces or slabs. Behind acquiring these slabs, they are elegant and shaped according to practice. For the granite stone too this procedure is followed.

Over the years the main technique has remained the same but to do the steps the type of machineries used has distorted radically. Science has distorted the old machines into much more efficient and time saving types. Three essential machines are used in granite manufacture. They are
  • saws
  • polishers
  • routers


Block saw or gang saw is used to cut the stone blocks into slabs. Now diamond wire saw is used for cutting. The machine has a wire and on the wire a profitable diamond is set Diamond is the hardest sandstone. Thus it makes s the job much earlier. Then a bridge saw is used to provide the slabs proper size.


Polishers are used to build the exterior of the granite smooth. Polishers create the surface of the granite mirror similar to. A harsh material is attached with the revolving pads of the polisher. The outside of the material varies according to principle. The softness of the polishing increases with the excellence of the abrasive material.


Routers are used to make designs on the slab surface. There are a variety of edges that are used in the router to make different designs. Router has a spinning blade fixed with diamonds to cut and create the necessary designs.

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