Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Laminate a Countertop

  1. Paste and nail jointly two layers of ¾-inch-thick particleboard to make a substrate for counter.

  2. Rough-cut laminate pieces to size using a trim router fitted with a ½-inch, carbide-tipped straight cutter.

  3. Brush contact cement onto front edge of particleboard substrate and to back side of 2-inch-wide laminate strip; permit cement to dry.

  4. Attach laminate to front edge of counter, and then push it down with a J-roller. (If laminating counter ends, cover them with laminate first, and then laminate front edge.)

  5. Use trim router to cut away excess laminate.

  6. Sand laminate flush with substrate using a belt sander fitted with 100-grit abrasive belt.

  7. Spread contact cement onto backside of laminate top and to top of counter using a 3-inch paint roller; wait for cement to dry.

  8. Put several wood dowels across cemented substrate, then lay laminate on top.

  9. Slide out dowels, starting at center, one at a time while pressing down the laminate.

  10. Use J-roller to press laminate into the cement.

  11. Trim the overhanging edges of the top laminate using a trim router.

  12. File the edges of the top laminate smooth.

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