Thursday, January 13, 2011

Styles in Kitchen Countertop Fabrication

The method of kitchen countertop fabrication has not changed a lot as the time of the ancient Greeks and the only noticeable change is that the entire process has become more automatic. The kitchen countertop fabrication implies enormous stones being taken from the quarries, out of which marble and granite slabs are cut to use for different purposes. After they have been taken out, the marble and granite slabs are cut and polished to suit the needs of dissimilar customers. Although the plan of kitchen countertop fabrication and installation has not changed a lot, the equipment that people use has improved with the most modern technology.

The kitchen countertop fabrication needs saws, polishers and routers to cut and polish the marble and granite countertops. The saw has different utilities in the kitchen countertop fabrication process initial with cutting of stones into slabs, for which one usually needs a diamond saw. Besides diamond saws there are also bridge saws that are used to cut the slabs into more exact shapes, such as for marble and granite countertops, flooring and mantels.

The polishers also have an essential role in the kitchen countertop fabrication because they sand down the surface to the outside that differs according to the customers' desire. The marble and granite slabs can be polished to a mirror finish from the course rock they once were but most modern polishers can make a variety of finishes during the kitchen countertop fabrication process. The finishes that one can get include smooth, soft look, slick look and mirror finishes, which are also the most common. To shine the marble and granite slab rotating pads are the most common instruments to use in arrange to obtain the preferred effect.

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