Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Advantages of pure marble

Everyone needs a countertop in their kitchen or bathroom, and one of the most stylish and durable of materials is pure marble. Installing marble countertops not only add style and fairness to a home, but it also serves a function. Marble is also very beautiful, but it does have its limits. Some people choose cultured marble because it is less exclusive and can endure exposure to those liquids.

Cultured marble countertops are made from crushed marble and mixed mutually with resins, polyester, calcium carbonate and other materials. Cultured marble countertops are very good at resisting moisture, staining, scratching and chipping. Any cracks and breaks can also be repaired easily, since it is a artificial material. Cultured marble countertops can change colors if they are resurfaced by porcelain or enamel refinishers, so it can match with any bathroom decoration. The “marbled” affect, however, will be completely lost and the countertops will be one solid color. Though cultured marble looks good, it will never look precisely like a genuine marble countertop to the trained eye.

Many people choose to install marble countertops in just a few key places in their kitchen, and perhaps just use cultured marble in the bathroom and other materials in areas of the kitchen that receive higher traffic. This saves money while still having the stylishness of marble countertops in the home. There is nothing that matches up to the noble style of marble. It is a little but tougher to preserve pure marble, and the product is more luxurious, but it is worth it for the beauty and long life.

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