Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Helpful Tips in Cleaning Granite Countertops

There is variety of ways to clean Granite Countertops. Some basic procedures can be applied to obtain total care and to extend the beauty of your granite worktops.

Helpful tips in cleaning granite worktops

Use a micro fiber cloth – microfiber cloth is used to cleaning your counter top will decrease the danger of scratching the surface of the granite.

Immediate attention – Some spills on the granite counter should be taken cared of immediately. Protracted spills can cause stains on the granite that is even harder to take away.

Avoid chemicals – Cleaning your countertop can be done during the easy process of water and cloth. Avoid mixing chemicals in cleaning the granite top unless arranged or it will obliterate its surface coating.

Maintenance – Do a daily cleaning of cleaning dust and other foreign objects on top of the granite counter. These particles can reason scratch and engrave on the surface of the stone counter.

Avoid heat – Though granite has burly heat preservation, it is still sensible to keep away from putting hot items on the countertop. Make sure you place a hold up on the surface as the heat may reason staining, hollow or rough surface on your granite countertop.

Read guides and recommendations – Installation of your granite worktop comes with commands on how to take care of it. Follow these advices to extend its life. These advices comprise how to clean granite countertops.

Professional help – In the happening of damage, call professional help to help you keep your granite counter.

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