Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Granite Panels in Microthin

Now a day, lightweight granite panels can used as an interior or exterior building frontage, which will give a luxurious and stylish appear to any building. They insert an aesthetically pleasant look to any lobby region, in a flooring design, or as an interior or exterior wall cover up or stone curtain wall.
Curtain wall is a word used to explain an external building frontage, which does not take any dead load from the building other than its own weight. These loads are transfer to the major building structure through relations at floor or column of the building. Curtain walls are different from storefront system in that they are designed to span several floors.

In interior, they are ideally suitable for use as bath and tub surrounds. These granite panels are easy to manufacture and their lightweight and great toughness make installation simple and quick.

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