Monday, August 17, 2009

Granite Cutting Tools

Cutting of granite follows the processing. The cutting of granites is made easier by the use of steel abrasives. Use of following tools enhances cutting of granite, saves time and lends smoother edges. The granite is cut thin slabs by multi-blade gang saws, and using various types of granite cutting blades,

Granite Blade :
Cut faster, cut smoother, boost production.

Silent Blade :
Straight cut and performance surpassing.

Contour Blade :
This blade is highly recommended for all curved cutting applications (like sink). It cuts granite sinkholes cleanly and safely.

Rod Blade :
This blade can be very effective in cutting grooves to fit metal rods that strengthen the countertop in the sink area.

Hard Tile and Porcelain Blade :
This blade is designed for hard tiles and porcelain tiles. It guarantees highest performance for cutting difficult to cut materials such as glazed tiles, hard marbles, and porcelain tiles.

Marble Blade :
Excellent for cutting all kinds of marbles.

Contour Marble Blade :
Marble contour blades with an inside protector are very fast and provide smooth, chip free cutting.

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  1. Where in North Houston (Spring/Tomball) can I buy a contour blade for granite?