Friday, May 15, 2009

Natural Stone Granite

In the scientific aspect granite is a family of rocks.The main components of granite are feldspath, quartz and mica. The various minerals of granite are effloresced and can be well recognized with the naked eye. The building trade calls gabbros, gneisses, migmatites, et cetera also granite.

Granite stands out for its proverbial hardness. 'Hard like granite' , or 'bite on granite' . The mineral quartz is responsible for the proverbial hardness of granite. And it is this high part of quartz that gives granite another important characteristic: it can be flamed. During the process of flaming the quartzes inside the granite open and turn the surface of the granite unsmooth. This characteristic is used in order to achieve the required stability against slipping.

Granite is extracted all over the world. It was build by nature millions of years ago. You use a piece of the history of creation by using granite. Each single stone is an unicum, a work of art in colour, structure, texture and function. Most of the granites had a long way before their entrance as flooring, kitchen top or step in different buildings. Anyhow, both the visual and the technical characteristics of granite justify this expenditure.

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