Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Purpose of Safety

The purpose of this Safety and Health Information Bulletin is to:

1. Design rock slab transportation devices to withstand the loads and forces imposed on them. If storage racks, other than A-frames are used, they should be designed so that if one or more slabs shift or are moved, the other slabs will not be affected. This could be accomplished by designing individual compartments for each slab.

2. Effectively secure the storage racks to the truck.

3. Periodically inspect and properly maintain the storage racks.

4. Restraining devices and tie-downs, if used, should be properly applied and removed. The restraining devices and tie-downs should be inspected before being applied and prior to being removed. Restraining devices and tie-downs that do not pass inspection should be removed from service.

5. Implement correct loading and loading procedures and follow all the safety-related work practices.

6. Train employees in the correct loading and unloading procedures and to identify fallen or shifted slabs that may present a hazard.

7. If employees use forklifts or other equipment to load/unload slabs, employers must comply with relevant OSHA provisions.

8. Truck drivers should visually check the racks for any damage during transit.

9. Visitors/customers should be kept away from the area while slabs are being loaded or unloaded.

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